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Hedebo Strand Vintage Car's gathering 2024

We gather, as many, many times before, the world's coolest cars, when hundreds of car enthusiasts from near and far come this summer evening at Hedebo Strand.

The owners of the very old vintage cars and not so old special, different, rebuilt Danish, English, Italian, American cars meet as always on the third Wednesday in July. The tradition started with the first generation on the campsite, Bendt Christensen (1933-2023), back in the 70s. His heart beat especially for motorcycles, and therefore he established the annual Hedebo Strand Motorcycle Gathering with his veteran motorcycle club. Gradually, the cars also came, and they meet, as said, on the third Wednesday, while the motorcyclists (often up to 1,000 of them) stop by on the third Tuesday (this year 16th July).

Wednesday 17th July at 18-21 Hedebo Strand Vintage Cars

This evening guests will come from Sæby, Frederikshavn, Skagen and the rest of North Jutland and exhibitors and vintage car clubs from all over Denmark and our neighboring countries. You just turn up, there is no entrance fee, and you can buy sausages, beer, water and other good things at Hedebo Strand Super and Hedebo Strand Café.

Watch a video from our car meet in 2022 on Facebook here...