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Regulations Hedebo Strand Camping

We do everything in our power to make you as safe and nice a stay as possible.

With thousands of guests every year - and with the wish of giving you a very pleasant stay - we need to be very strict regarding order and safety. We have developed our own rules based on more than 55 years of experience in managing this campsite, but of course we also follow the rules and references of the Danish authorities.

Fire and safety regulations We do a lot to look after each other here on the campsite, so it is important we all comply with applicable safety regulations. According to the fire regulations, sites may only be fenced on 3 sides. You may not set up your own wooden fences or establish garden gates. Small movable wire fences to keep the dog inside is allowed but must be approved by the camp manager and removed when the unit is unoccupied. Illegal fences will be removed.

Safety distance 3 m There may ONLY be tool tents between the units if the rule can be observed. A tool tent must be close to your own or a neighbour's vehicle, but there must always be at least 3 m to the nearest other unit. The same rules apply to pavilions and annex carriages on double sites.

Rescue equipment Fire stands are placed all over the campsite - find the one closest to your site on the site map (red dots) here… Defibrillators are placed at the reception and at main entrance.

Cleaning campsite Our service buildings are cleaned at least twice a day during high season. Please tell us at once in reception about errors and problems. Pay attention to the staff and do not use toilet and kitchens when they are doing their job. Smoking in service buildings is prohibited.

Trash Please notice, that waste must be sorted according to sorting rules and as marked on containers. Clean fish on the fishing grounds at the reception, and pack fish waste in airtight bags.

Quietness and cars Loud music must not be played during the day, just as there must be quietness on campsite from 23 to 8 o’clock. Play ball on the ball fields or on the beach, where e.g., water pistols also belong. Take care of the children, drive a maximum of 15km/h, and avoid unnecessary driving at campsite.

Night watch If you need help outside opening hours, please call our night watch on +4526712584. 

Yours sincerely
Eric Christensen, Camp manager