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Site for motorhomes and caravans in Sæby

Park your motorhome or caravan at the beach close to the harbour in Saeby and enjoy our facilities such as a café and local market. 

The most beautiful spot you may park your motorhome or caravan at Sæby Harbor close to Skagen. Here you find peace, the sea, a very cosy café and a grocery store with a wide selection of food. Questions or in need of help? Would you like to book a site or cottage? Feel free to call us on +4598461449 or write us on info@hedebocamping.dk 

The staff at Hedebo Strand Camping

Lene Krüger and Eric Christensen

Owners and Managers

Telefon: +4598461449

Mail: info@hedebocamping.dk

Bettina and René Hou Jensen

Vice managers

Telefon: +4598461449

Mail: info@hedebocamping.dk

Sabrina and Daniel Åsted Krüger

Hedebo Strand Super

Telefon: +4598461449

Mail: super@hedebocamping.dk

Dorota und Frannek Biel I Gosia und Edward Rýs

Service assistants

Telefon: +4598461449

Mail: info@hedebocamping.dk

Lisser Amtoft

Hedebo Strand Café

Telefon: +4551680059 (dinner orders)

Mail: info@hedebocamping.dk

Bendt (1933-2023) and Inger Christensen

First generation and motorbike museum

Telefon: +4540486622

Mail: info@hedebocamping.dk