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Make your holiday in North Jutland

Understed Hills are located in our backyard, Kattegat sea in the frontyard and the forests surround our campsite.

Here are good opportunities to get the pulse up through swimming, trotting and cycling. Or get your heart rate down by simply enjoying the forest's deep and quiet tranquility, or perhaps the flowers in Nellemann's Garden.

We have it all in North Jutland

North Jutland can offer you everything you desire. The sea, the wild nature, fishing, opportunities for exercise, museums, Faarup Sommerland, shopping, restaurants and cafes. See also the website of Enjoy North Jutland..

Sæby harbor and city

Little Skagen

There is a good reason for why Sæby is called Little Skagen. Here you also have the beach, sea, beautiful yellow houses, music events and cafés. But here is not quite as crowdy and more peaceful. Sæby is beautiful and cozy eg when the flag is played down at the harbor every evening at 21 o'clock during the summer.

Fårup Sommerland

The funniest attraction in North Jutland

Spent a fun and cosy day with your family at the biggest og funniest attraction in this part of Denmark only 1 hour by car from Hedebo. Here you will find more than 60 rides and a huge water park. Get 10 % off your tickets if you stay at our campsite.

Sæby Wellness

Sæby Swim

Despite the old-fashioned name, Sæby Swim is much more than a place where you can swim. It is high-tech, has many funny things for water dogs and offers, among other things, wellness for adults on Wednesday evenings and water party for families on Fridays. As a guest here, you get a 15% discount if you send an email to dealsaeby@gmail.com and mention Hedebo Strand Camping...

Sæby marathon

Sporting events

During the summer, a number of major sporting events will be held in North Jutland. Eg Sæby marathon and DM in team badminton. The area is also known for its skilled ice hockey teams. Read about your next active holiday and events in our calendar and your possibility for overnight accommodations.

Sæby Golfclub

Golf courses in North

With our attractive location in the heart of North Jutland you are not far from many good golf courses, eg in Aalborg, Frederikshavn, Sæby and Hvide Klit. As a guest at Hedebo Strand Camping, you play Sæby Golf Club for a reduced green fee. Find out more about green fees and golf courses at the reception.

City life and shops


If you want to shop in Northern Jutland, especially one of Denmark's longest pedestrian streets in Frederikshavn will impress. If you are more into chain stores and shopping malls, you can take a trip to Aalborg which has it all. You can also cycle or walk along Hedebo beach to Sæby's harbor with small cozy shops.

Gold hunting

The gold of the sea

Find amber and listen to true stories about the gold of the sea on this cozy evening trip you may join in Løkken or Skagen. See more about this amber safari here


Strandby Fish Auction

Fish and shellfish

All weekdays at 7:30 and again at 9.30 in the summer months you may visit Strandby Fish Auction, where you will have rich opportunity to watch and buy seafood from the Kattegat. If you want to bid on today's catch, you must clearly make the auctioneer aware of that. Address: Auktionskaj 7, 9970 Strandby.

Museums and attractions

Sandburied church, a fort and paintings

The Michael Ancher Museum and the sandburied church in Skagen, The Art of Aalborg, The fort of Bangsbo, Sæbygaard Castle, Sæby coast museum etc are a drive from the campsite. You can also get a guided tour of Sæby and hear about artists (eg author Henrik Ibsen) who sought peace in our idyllic little coastal town.

Aalborg Zoo and North Sea Oceanarium

Tigers, seals and a falconer show

If you are into wild animals, there is also something for you in North Jutland. Spend a day at Aalborg Zoo (50 km from Hedebo) with e.g. polar bears. In Bindslev (30 km) you will find the Eagle World with birds of prey, and in Hirtshals (55 km) you can see fish and seals in the North Sea Oceanarium.

Nature at Sæby close to Skagen

Beautiful scenery and tranquility

Understed Hills are located in our backyard, Kattegat in the front yard and the forests surround our campsite. Here are good opportunities to get up the pulse through swimming, horse and bike riding. Or to get the pulse down by enjoying the deep silence of the forest or the flowers in Nellemann's Garden.

Grenen close to Skagen

The northernmost point of Jutland

Skagen and not least Grenen is known in Denmark and abroad and is therefore a popular tourist destination. If you are into many people, restaurants, museums and shopping, you can go on a day trip (eg in week 29, called the Hellerup week) to Denmark's northernmost point. 50 km from Hedebo Strand Camping.

Go to the in- and outdoor sea

Palm beach

People come from far and wide to visit Denmark's only palm beach, located a few kilometers from Hedebo. So if you don't want to swim in the Kattegat near us or in our water park with, among other things, the 20 m high surf hill, you can take a trip to Frederikshavn.

The city of Frederikshavn

With fort and ferries

Make a trip to our neighbor town, Frederikshavn, and visit museums and other attractions such as the Bangsbo fort. From here you can also travel to Sweden and Norway, as the ferries to our two Scandinavian neighbor countries sail a few km from Hedebo Strand Camping. Watch a video from the city.