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Camping at Sæby Harbor

At the square of Sæby you may enjoy music every Saturday, and at the harbor the flag is played down at nights.

Just a short walk from our campsite you will find the idyllic marina and a beautiful harbour close to Sæby town with shops, old houses and restaurants. Enjoy that and then return along the beach to our campsite, where you might stay on the beachfront.

All-year sites 22.3-15.9 2024

The caravan may stay here over winter after season. No right of use.

Site no Price all-year Comments
151 - 271                     13.900 DKK  
158 - 159 15.100 DKK Standardsite Big 110-120 m2 
192,193,195,197,202,203 15.100 DKK Standardsite Big 110-120 m2
200 20.100 DKK Luxury site 200 m2 water stand
272-273 15.100 DKK Standardsite Big 110-120 m2
428-443 20.100 DKK Luxury site 200 m2 water stand
549-608 13.900 DKK  
13.000 DKK  
615,620 15.100 DKK  
618,619 20.100 DKK Luxury site 150-200 m2 water stand
634,635,636,637 18.800 DKK Luxury site 150-200 m2 water stand
701-702 17.300 DKK  
703-778 15.500 DKK  
713 9.200 DKK Nice and cozy site 60m2 water stand
786-793 and 799-807 20.100 DKK Luxury site 150-200 m2 water stand
Electricity: Basic fee = 300 DKK + kWh (20 kWh 100 DKK) | Pool: Free for campers
Extra named person: 600 DKK | Extra unspecified playmate: 600 DKK
Day guest: 20 DKK | Overnight guest (pool incl): 80 DKK  | Day guest season ticket (pool not incl): 600 DKK 


Season site 22.3-15.9 2024

Right of use all season, but the caravan must be moved over the winter. (Winter storage = 700 DKK)

Site no Price season Comments
72,92,125 18.000 DKK Beach site
89,90 19.000 DKK Extra big luxury sites
1 - 123 14.900 DKK  
293-295 13.600 DKK  
297-301 15.100 DKK  
302-307 13.600 DKK  
308-323 15.100 DKK  
324-329 13.600 DKK  
330-334 15.100 DKK  
335-348 13.600 DKK  
349-350 15.100 DKK  
352-362 13.600 DKK  
363-378 15.100 DKK  
379-384 13.600 DKK  
385-400 15.100 DKK  
401-406 13.600 DKK  
407-414 15.500 DKK  
415,423,424,425 18.000 DKK  
652-657 13.600 DKK  
658-673 13.600 DKK  
674 18.000 DKK  
676-681 13.600 DKK  
682-686 15.100 DKK  
901-902 15.100 DKK  
903-904 18.000 DKK  
905-908 16.000 DKK  
Electricity: Basic fee = 300 DKK + kWh (20 kWh 100 DKK) | Pool: Free for campers 
Extra named person: 600 DKK | Extra unspecified playmate: 600 DKK
Day guest: 20 DKK | Overnight guest (pool incl): 80 DKK  | Day guest season ticket (pool not incl): 600 DKK 


The sites on Hedebo Strand Camping are either on the beach, in the nature or close to a service building

Conditions longstay sites at Kattegat

We are one of the most popular longstay campsites in Denmark, and around 300 of our sites are reserved for longstay campers.

May be used by the family (mom/dad or grandmom/granddad and children/grandchildren under the age of 20). All other guests must pay daily fee (20 DKK without pool), overnight fee (80 DKK with pool). If the guests do not pay the guest fee, the amount will be charged the longstay camper. 
Terms of payment Season Half of the amount must be paid no later than 1.3. Remaining amount no later than 1.6. Late Payment Fee.
Terms of payment Spring and Fall season Payment at the beginning of the season. Deposit 500 DKK is non-refundable in case of cancellation.
Cancellation Season If canceled after 1.10, a fee of 500 DKK per month will be charged. If cancellation after opening day, we will also send an invoice for the days you reserved the site. 
Caravan rental conditions The tenant agrees an amount with the landlord, who himself insists on it. The landlord is responsible for the tenant paying a daily fee (80 DKK per person per day) to the campsite. See more about Hedebo Strand Camping on one of the camping websites e.g.: www.adac.de or www.anwb.nl