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2 km from Sæby Harbour 

Long stay autumn camping at the waterfront 2 km along the beach from the cozy town, Sæby, close to Skagen North Jutland.

At our campsite you will find both long stay and short stay sites. Our long stayers live in some parts of the campsite, and our tourists in others. If you want to feel alone, you might overnight on a Nature Site in the Northern part of this beautiful campsite close to Sæby Harbour.

Autumn season 3.8-15.9 or 27.7-15.9 2024

Winter storage = 700 DKK

Call for available sites    Price autumn Comments
Autumn 3.000 DKK All days 3.8-15.9
Autumn extended 5.000 DKK All days 27.7-15.9
+ beach site 2.000 DKK  
Electricity: Basic fee = 200 DKK + kWh (20 kWh 100 DKK) | Pool: Free for campers
Extra named person: 300 DKK | Extra unspecified playmate: 300 DKK
Day guest: 20 DKK | Overnight guest (pool incl): 80 DKK  | Day guest season ticket (pool not incl): 300 DKK

Conditions longstay sites

May be used by the family (mom/dad or grandmom/granddad and children/grandchildren under the age of 20). All other guests must pay daily fee (20 DKK without pool), overnight fee (80 DKK with pool). Do the guests not pay the fee, the amount will be charged the longstay camper. 
Terms of payment Spring and Fall season Payment at the beginning of the season. Deposit 500 DKK is non-refundable in case of cancellation. See terms and conditions long stay campers here

Sæby Harbour