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Today at our campsite here in North Jutland

Saturday June 30th is our official birthday. It was here 50 years ago, Bendt and Inger Christensen took over the campsite at the waterfront in Sæby. Greet them and their son, Eric, this day when we start our anniversary celebration

Saturday 30th June at 9-11 Anniversary reception in café Hedebo

We celebrate the day with our campers with breakfast in the café Hedebo.

Saturday 30th June at 13-15 Free mini golf tournament for everybody

We send up to 50 players per hour, so first come first served principle. Sign up at the reception and you will be sent out in a 4-ball. Wins for Group 1: 6-8 Years, Group 2: 9-12 Years, Group 3: 13-? The cafe sells ice cream and soft drinks at half price, and at the grocery store you can get a softice for half price.

Saturday 30th June at 20-23 Jubilee Party no 2

For our adult campers in the cafe. Application necessary.