Policy about cookies, photos and video

Cookies Cookies are needed to make the website work and help us deliver our services. They tell you how to use our website and help us improve your and others' experience of the website. GDPR: Expect that we take pictures and record video of the campsite and our guests which we use on website and social medias. If you do not want this, you can write an email to info@hedebocamping.dk If you click on the website, you accept the above.

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A nice and well managed campsite

It's not just smart advertising words when we say we are very careful that our campsite is kept nice and clean. Therefore, we would also like to point out to children and adults if they litter or make a mess. Or discuss with guests who do not clean their site or caravan. Because it's all about being here and having a good experience.

Toilets and family rooms for all

The service buildings are being cleaned at least twice a day in high season and on holidays and else when needed. Please, respect our staff and do not use the toilets and kitchens when they are closed due to cleaning. Our 19 large family bathrooms are not rented out, but are available to all guests around the clock.

Due to the rules for beach protection we must not build close to the sea. From our beach sites you may therefore have up to 400 meters to the nearest service building.

Maintaining buildings and surroundings

Buildings are to be painted, woodwork replaced, grassland cut off, mooring captured, swimming pools cleaned and miles of hedges and trees cropped every year to ensure the sea view and sun on our camper's terraces. Our 16 cabins need to be painted and have new furniture and equipment very often, because the many rents wear out the equipment. As a rule, our permanent guests must cut the grass at their sites and may borrow our machinery for that purpose. If you need help to maintain your site, we have contacts you might help you for a smaller fee. Call upon us at the reception. Also, if there is something that does not work as expected.