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News from Hedebo Strand Camping

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30.9.18 Long stay at campsite in Denmark

Would you like to live at a long stay campsite close to Skagen in Denmark in 2019? Hedebo Strand Camping is a very popular campsite in North Jutland, and we have more than 300 long stay sites and 350 sites for tourists. The sites are close to bath, toilet and other facilities or down at the beach.


2.3.18 Cheap season ticket Fårup Sommerland

As long stay camper at Hedebo Strand Camping you may buy cheap season tickets to Fårup Summerland at the price of 500 DKK each - normal price is 600 DKK. Must be ordered in week 13.


6.1.18 Available longstay sites

Long stay camping in North Jutland Denmark close to Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby. See free sites for your caravan at the beach in Denmark 2018.


30.7.17 Concert with Rasmus Nøhr in Sæby

Garden party and concert with Rasmus Nøhr in Sæby North Jutland. Get transportation to and from the concert at Hedebo Strand Camping close to Frederikshavn.


Longstay at campsite in North Jutland Denmark

Stay 3 or 4 weeks very cheap at popular campsite at the waterfront in Sæby close to Skagen and Frederikshavn. The price is only 2,500 DKK (3 weeks) or 3,000 DKK (4 weeks).


1.7.17 The forecast lies

When weather forecasts go freaking in cloudburst and low temperatures, reality often shows otherwise here in Sæby, Northern Jutland. Right now we have sunshine and Danish summer. So pass by - we are just a walk along the beach from Sæby and a short drive from Skagen.