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Motorcycles Tuesday and cars Wednesday week 29

As the last 40 years, Hedebo Strand Camping arranges in July a motorcycle meet and oldtimers meet. The tradition has never been as popular as last year, when exactly 1,027 motorcyclists showed up on Tuesday and more than 400 car owners on Wednesday to show off their beautiful machines.

This year, as always, we will hold the meetings on the third Tuesday and Wednesday in July. The motorcycle meeting will take place on Tuesday 19th July and the oldtimer meeting on Wednesday 20th July. We keep the motorcycles up at the entrance to the campsite, while the cars are allowed to drive down to the beach. For both meetings, everyone is welcome until the events end at around 9 pm and it's time to drive back home.

Expect engine noise and many people

It takes a lot of logistical work to keep track of the traffic on such evenings, so there is a great need for the understanding of the neighbors and our guests. Of course, whether there will be as many exhibitors again this year also depends on the weather. It looks promising so far. We hope you enjoy the two evenings, although of course there are many guests and motorists here.

Visit the free museum

The campsite's motorcycle museum is open to interested parties these two days. Otherwise it is open by appointment.